It is the game of golf.

Membership at the Royal Mayfair connects you with a community of leaders who share your passion. A number of membership options are available and include:

Full Shareholder


Playing Spouse



A limited number of sponsored memberships are also available in the Junior and Intermediate categories.

The Royal Mayfair is a private, non-equity club with flexible payment options. All member applicants must be endorsed by two current Royal Mayfair Shareholders and must be approved by the Board of Governors. Each membership category has its own payment program including a number of flexible options.


Shareholders are the primary membership category at the Royal Mayfair, made up of 475 members. As a Shareholder, you are able to:

  • Golf at any time, with unlimited access to the tee
  • Add a spouse or life partner to your account (see Playing Spouse)
  • Sponsor Intermediate and Junior members
  • Invite and entertain guests
  • Vote at annual general meetings


Associate Membership

Associate membership is for individuals who wish to have access to the course immediately while on the wait-list. Associate members pay higher annual fees but have full golfing privileges and access to all club amenities.

Social Membership

Social members can access the club for dining and events, but have no golfing privileges until full Shareholder status is granted. See below for additional details on Social memberships.

Playing Spouse

Shareholders can add one Limited Play member to their account if they would like to have their spouse or life partner join the club to play golf.

Intermediate Memberships

Intermediate memberships are for people between the ages of 19 and 36. Intermediate members have some restrictions on access to the tee.

Intermediate A is for golfers up to the age of 36. The Shareholder entrance fee applies, but is paid over a period of up to 10 years, determined by the age of the member at the time of application. The entrance fee must be paid in full by age 40.

Intermediate B is for golfers between the ages of 25 and 30, and no entrance fee applies until they turn 31 and move into the Intermediate A category.

Intermediate C is for golfers between the ages of 19 and 25, and no entrance fee applies.

Junior Memberships

Shareholders can also add their children to their account as golfing members. There are no entrance fees for junior players. The three Junior membership categories are Junior A, ages 16−18; Junior B, ages 12−15; and Pre-Junior, ages 11 and under.

The Club also invites a limited number of sponsored juniors to join the Royal Mayfair each year. This category gives youth who would not otherwise have the opportunity a chance to experience the game of golf in a private club setting.

Social Memberships

There are two categories of Social memberships: Corporate and Social.

Corporate memberships are ideal for companies that wish to entertain clients and hold meetings and events away from the office. With full access to the Royal Mayfair’s dining and catering, Corporate members can host a range of events from casual lunches to fully catered dinners. The membership includes a maximum of five individuals per company, and a limited number of Corporate memberships are available. There is an entrance fee for a Corporate Social membership, and no golf privileges are associated with this membership category.

Social members treat the Royal Mayfair like a second home. They enjoy a place to have dinner, connect with friends, entertain guests, and host events.

For more membership information please contact our Director of Golf, Matt Johnson. or 780.391.8409